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Patient-serving mobile apps are a multi-billion-dollar industry and the future of healthcare, transforming relationships, dataflow and access to information. Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, Aria is paving a direct path towards that future for providers and patients.

Let’s welcome the future together.

How Aria can benefit you

A world-class patient app at a fraction of the cost

Integrate with Aria and provide an innovative service that your patients and doctors will love, without the cost and burden of creating a custom-made app for only your medical center.

Aria provides optimal presentation of records and ultimate privacy and security with all legal and regulatory paperwork taken care of.

Reduced admin and GDPR burden

With fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your annual worldwide turnover for a GDPR breach, you can’t be taking risks with how you share records. Sending records via unencrypted email or to a third-party doctor without documented patient consent is no longer acceptable.

Aria is fully GDPR-compliant, taking care of all that hassle so that you don’t have to. Records are sent and stored using advanced encryption methods and patients can choose who they share their records with more easily than ever before, relieving you of that burden.

Support better health outcomes

We know that patient care is your number one priority.

Aria supports doctors by providing them with access to more complete and easily-accessible patient history and gives them advanced features such as trend analysis on blood results, so they can make more informed medical decisions.

Many doctors have already told us that they would refer patients to a medical provider using Aria for this reason.

How will Aria change your current system of working with patients

Once you have integrated with Aria, you’ll start connecting with patients in three simple steps

Step 01

Patient downloads app and send a request to have their connection approved

Mobile Application

Step 02

Your receptionist enters the Aria ID (provided by the patient) into the patient profile of your current information system.

Button Click

Step 03

All historical results are automatically sent and when new results are ready for patients to view they will be instantaneously sent

How our integration works

API Interface

We will work with the provider of your Laboratory Information System to build an HL7-API which connects with our system. This will allow you to send connection requests to your patients, publish records to our blockchain, and invalidate a record if it needs changing after it was already sent.

Currently we have APIs with:

CCS Healthcare Informatics

Staff Training

We’ll train your receptionist, lab technicians and any other staff on any new procedures they need to follow in order to support patients in accessing their medical results. Additionally, we’ll ensure they have a strong understanding of the patient and doctor app so they can answer any questions directed at them.

Full Support

We’ll provide you with promotional materials, including leaflets, standing banners and videos, to communicate your use of Aria to patients. Additionally, we can run free in-house promotional campaigns when the app is first introduced and during other key periods. We also have a dedicated customer support team to help your staff, patients and doctors with any queries they may have.

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