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Your on-the-go digital space for your patient’s medical records. Stored on blockchain to ensure complete security.


Secure access to your patient’s
medical records, on-the-go

Aria allows your patients to share their medical records, like blood tests results, with you in an instant, giving you convenient and secure access to their medical history and helping you make more informed decisions.

We take away the burden of managing paper records, the risk of receiving records via unencrypted email and the worry of whether you’re breaching data protection regulation by handling their third-party records.

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quick access to patients

All your patients’ records in one place

Easy and convenient access to your patients’ records via your mobile or tablet. The days of searching through your files or emails are gone.

Patients can also give you ‘live’ access so you can receive their records as soon as they become available.

Completely trustworthy

Using the latest blockchain technology, all records sent and stored are encrypted. This means you can trust that records won’t be hacked or edited.

Full Data Protection Compliance

We are rigorous with our GDPR compliance, so you don’t have to be. All received records come with the patient’s consent, and you can view a log of permissioned access at any time.

A better view of your patient’s health

We highlight out-of-range results and provide a trend analysis on individual tests, making it easier for you to get a full picture of your patient’s health.

Join our Pilot Project to help us create the future of health

You are the center of the healthcare industry and we need your help to bring advanced technology to the medical world to make your life easier and improve patient outcomes.

Our pilot is seeking doctors who are willing to receive results from our pilot patients who have their clinical laboratory tests performed at the American Medical Center, Nicosia, in the 3-month period, April 2020 – July 2020. Doctors may also ask their patients to join the pilot.

Patients will share their current and historical blood tests performed at AMC with you. You’ll be added to the doctor’s directory so our pilot patients can see the doctors who share their vision of the future of health.

There is no cost and only a minimal amount of time needed, all we ask is for your feedback and thoughts.

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