Join us in creating the future of health

About the Pilot Project

Every person has a unique health history, and only through understanding your history can we create a product that truly benefits you.


Aria is conducting a pilot to demonstrate a revolutionary new way of accessing medical records – made more convenient, secure and engaging thanks to the power of blockchain technology.

Pilot hospital

American Medical Centre (AMC) – Clinical Laboratory department

Pilot period

April – July 2020

What happens when you join

On downloading our app and connecting with AMC, you will immediately gain access to all your clinical results and be able to share them with your doctor.

Your Involvement in the Pilot Project

Download the app and create your profile

Visit the American Medical Center for your blood test and tell the receptionist you’d like your records to be sent to your Aria app (you’ll just need to scan a QR code to confirm this).

Provide us with feedback through:

1-2 short online surveys we’ll send to you via email

Speaking to us one-on-one, on the phone or face-to-face, so we can better understand your experience (optional)

Attending group feedback gathering events (optional)

Lab Results Screen

Benefits for you

Take Control of Your Health

You’ll receive all your clinical laboratory results (current and historical) on your mobile device giving you full control to access and share them.

Additionally, we’ll give you features such as trend analysis which will help you understand your health better.

Learn more about Aria app features.

Support Cyprus

Experts say that blockchain technology will be just as revolutionary for business as the internet has been. 

Cyprus, along with many international countries, has set a national strategy to implement blockchain across different sectors in the country.

Aria is the first truly patient-centric blockchain for medical records worldwide and we want it to be part of putting Cyprus on the innovation map!

Make a

Nothing is more important than our health. By joining the pilot, you support the creation of a solution which will give everyone better and clearer access to their medical history.

Imagine the impact this can have on people with a chronic illness, those trying to manage an elderly parents or child’s health or just generally improving people’s awareness and ability to take care of themselves and their families.

How to join the pilot


Download the App

Download the “Aria Patient” app on your Android or iOS device.

Download Google Play


Create a Profile

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to create your Aria profile.


Connect with the AMC

Visit the American Medical Center’s clinical lab reception, provide them with your Aria ID and tell them you’ve joined the Pilot Project – they’ll help you with the rest.


Download the App

Download the “Aria Doctor” app on your Android or iOS device.

Download from Apple
Download Google Play


Create an Account

Click “Request Access” and submit your details to Aria via the on-screen form.


Connect with the AMC

Once Aria has confirmed your details, you’ll just spend a few minutes verifying your profile so you can start receiving records from your patients!

A note about securing your records

After you connect with AMC, you’ll go through a process of securing your records through blockchain. We’ll help you in every step of the way. Learn more