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Powered by blockchain for total security and privacy.


Secure and engaging access to all your medical records

Aria is revolutionising the health world, making access to medical records as easy, quick and convenient as it is to your music or bank accounts, while giving you full ownership and privacy through blockchain technology. Share records with a touch of a button; access simple tools to fully understand of your health; and know where your private health information is at any time.

Whether you’re managing a chronic illness, taking care of a loved one or need quick access to your medical history, Aria puts the control back in your and your health team’s hands.

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All your records in one place

Connect with a medical provider using Aria and immediately retrieve all your medical records from them.

Completely private
and secure

Using blockchain technology, absolutely no one can access your records without your permission, not even us.

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Share Screen

Share with your doctor

Share one, some or all your records with a touch of a button or allow your doctor to receive your records as soon as they’re ready.

Transparent and controlled

You can see who has access to your records at any given time and choose to revoke or limit access to some or all your records.

Access Management

Engage with your health

Through a ‘traffic light’ system on your test results and a trend analysis on individual results, you and your doctor can easily spot if you have a result that requires taking an action.

Join our Pilot Project to help us create the future of health

Every person has a unique health history, and only through understanding your history can we create a product that truly benefits you.

Our pilot is seeking patients who are willing to have their clinical laboratory tests done at the American Medical Center, Nicosia, and participate in a 3-month (April 2020 – July 2020) study.

Patients will immediately receive all their current and historical blood tests performed at AMC and be able to share these with their doctor. There is no cost and minimal time, all we ask is for your feedback and thoughts.